Design Research

Air pollution in Mexico City

The topic of air pollution in Mexico City has been extensively researched. More than environmental, therefore, this research drew on the social aspects of air pollution. This project provides a different perspective, that of the citizens, the bottom-up. It delved into the environment as a social system. The research sought to understand how design can have an impact in societal problematics, those that are wicked problems. The results of participatory research methods indicate great potential in terms of the utilization of design in the broader sense to create social change. In short, the project discovered the requirements to effect social change and the way in which design should be applied in this regard, to assist in the change.

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Water purification system – TWI

A project aimed to discover user needs regarding water consumption in low-income communities in different regions across Mexico. Design and development of water purification systems in the household.


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TWI_Design Research